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Window Falls Prevention

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Window Guards Banner (1).pngFalls are the leading cause of injury to children age five and under. A fall can happen within seconds. Window falls can cause serious injuries, but they are completely preventable. Through education, partnerships and engineering, we can protect children from window falls. 

In response to the ongoing tragedy of children falling out of windows, the Injury Prevention Program launched a campaign to educate communities about window falls prevention and promote the use of child safety window guards.

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Window Guards Available for Boston Residents

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We partner with Boston Building Resources to make window guards affordable for Boston residents, and more importantly, help families protect their children from the dangers of window falls.
Window guards are the best way to prevent window falls.

Call us at 617-534-5197 to learn more about our window guard program. Find our brochure and tip sheets below. 

Boston Building Resources Logo (2).pngContact Boston Building Resources if you would like to purchase window guards. Window guards are available at a discounted rate for Boston residents.                              

Location: 100 Terrace St., Boston, MA 02120

Phone: 617-442-2262

What are Window Guards? 

  • Aluminum or steel bars with a maximum of 4-inch spacing that are installed in the bottom half of a double hung window.
  • Designed and tested to withstand 150 pounds of pressure.
  • Removable window guards have an emergency-release mechanism for easy removal in the event of a fire or emergency.
  • Fixed window guards cannot be removed, and must not be installed on any emergency or fire escape window. 
  • Window guards cannot be substituted with window screens, which are designed to keep bugs out but are not strong enough to keep a child from falling out.
  • Window guards are recommended by the Boston Fire Department. 
  • Installation of window guards is voluntary. Ask your landlord about installing them in your building.
  • Boston Housing Authority (BHA) residents should call the BHA Work Order Center at 617-988-4357 to request for window guards. 

General Safety Tips

  • Lock all unopened doors and windows.
  • Keep beds, furniture, and anything a child can climb on away from windows.
  • Open windows from the top, not from the bottom.
  • Be sure children are always supervised.
  • Fixed (permanent) guards or window locks can also be used to restrict the window openings to less than four inches. One window in each room needs to be free of these devices in order to allow for emergency escape. 
  • Child safety window guards are not the same as burglar/security bars. Security bars are wide enough to allow a child to slip through and should not be used as a safety window guard. Child safety window guards are not designed to protect against intruders. 
  • Recommended for the 2nd story and above, and for the 1st floor if the window is over 12 feet high.
  • Any family with children 10 years old and younger should have window guards.
  • Guards should be installed in children's and parents' bedrooms, as well as other rooms where children spend the most time. 
  • Grandparents and caregivers should also have window guards.
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