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Anti-Racism Advisory Committee

​ARAC's Charge and History
The Anti Racism Advisory Committee (ARAC) is one of multiple elements of BPHC's Racial Justice and Health Equity Initiative. Established in May 2008, ARAC was charged with aligning BPHC's programs, policies, and practices within a racial justice and health equity framework; the purpose of which is to build organizational capacity to effectively reduce inequities across the city. Members are expected to review, assess and develop recommendations on policies, practices, structures, and systems at the Commission in an inclusive process that engages all Commission staff.


Internal Policy Work
Since its founding, ARAC has supported the Commission's organizational change process, playing a significant role in the process, particularly in developing an updated organizational identity statement (mission, vision, and guiding principles) that reflects BPHC's priority in addressing racism as a root cause of health inequities. Through this work, both internal and external stakeholders provided significant feedback. A final statement was approved by leadership and the Board of Health in November 2013.

Earlier that spring, ARAC administered an all staff survey to develop internal policy recommendations that aimed to promote racial justice and health equity. These policy recommendations are currently moving into the implementation phase. Still, ARAC's work continues as we aim to uplift staff voices to align policies and practices more closely with BPHC's racial justice and health equity priorities. BPHC ARAC All Staff Survey 2013.pdf

Facilitated Staff Learning
ARAC also devotes considerable energy to providing opportunities for personal and professional learning and growth of all staff focusing on racial justice and health equity through events such as the Staff Dialogues Series and the yearly Stand Against Racism Day.

Stand Against Racism
Each year, ARAC participates in the YWCA sponsored Stand Against Racism, a movement that was initiated in 2008 to raise awareness that racism still exists in our communities and it can and should no longer be ignored or tolerated. Stand Against Racism brings organizations together, who believe that, like the YWCA, united we can eliminate racism.  YWCA Stand Against Racism
Pledge against racism activity 
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