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Developed as a component of the initial Boston Crusade Against Cancer, the Cancer Ride Program helps reduce transportation barriers faced by cancer survivors.

Since the start of the Health Rides program in June 1999, over 21,000 free taxi coupons have been provided to cancer patients at participating hospitals. Coupons are utilized for transportation to and from cancer treatments as an interim measure as more permanent transportation arrangements are being arranged or when all other transportation resources are exhausted. The program is managed by the Boston Public Health Commission’s Office of Cancer Prevention and Control. Participating hospitals oversee the program to ensure coordination and quality - please contact the participating hospital directly to receive your voucher, see below.

To be eligible for the program, a patient must be a Boston resident and must be traveling to or from a participating hospital for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or cancer-related appointments.
Participating Hospitals

The following is a list of hospitals that participate in the Cancer Health Ride Program:

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Dimock Health Center
Beth Harlow
(617) 667-4626

Boston Medical Center
Cynthia Funderburg, Oncology Nurse Practitioner
(617) 638-6428

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Sarah Singer
(617) 732-6462

Carney Hospital
Mimi Chesna, Receptionist, Commonwealth Oncology
(617) 296-5988 (call Monday am or Thursday)

Children's Hospital
Joe Chabot, Care Coordinator, Pediatric Oncology,
(617) 632-3355
Stacey Gulick
(617) 632-6842

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
John Horras, Resource Specialist, (617) 632-3303 or
Michelle Stolper, Resource Specialist, (617) 632-5817

Faulkner Hospital
Eric Amoah
(617) 983-7160 ext. 4581

Massachusetts General Hospital
Ashley Guaghan
(617) 726-7664
Cancer Resource Room
(617) 724-1822

New England Medical Center
Darlene Holland, Resource Specialist
(617) 636-5136

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
Lauren Schairer
(617) 789-2662

Tufts Medical Center
Sally English
(617) 636-5943

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