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Teens and Young People

Marijuana poses unique health risks to young people regardless of how it's used. This page provides information that can be helpful in speaking with teens and young people about marijuana. It is illegal for a person under the age of 21 to possess or use marijuana in any form, other than specific medical use situations. For more information about marijuana laws, click here. 

Marijuana: Teens and Young People

Why do some teens choose to use marijuana? What are some of the health considerations? What are some signs of a potential use disorder? The following fact sheet provides useful information in answering some of these questions.

It is important to speak with young people about marijuana. What if you don't have all the answers? The fact sheet below provides some ideas to help you have a useful conversation about marijuana with teens and young people. 


The following resources were used in developing the material on this website and may provide additional helpful information about marijuana:

If you are looking for resources or support around marijuana or other substance use, please call 311. 

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