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What is Equitable Community Engagement?   

The practice of using multiple strategies to provide opportunities for all [Boston] residents – particularly those historically excluded, under-represented, under-resourced – to be informed and to participate in public planning and decision-making to achieve an equitable outcome.   

What is BPHC doing to engage residents and other stakeholders?  

To engage residents and other stakeholders in planning and decision-making opportunities, BPHC includes the racial justice and health equity principles outlined in its Equitable Community Engagement Plan.  

What is BPHC’s Policy on Equitable Community Engagement? 

BPHC Programs, Service Centers and contractors and consultants will engage residents and other stakeholders:  

  • To inform 

  • To gather information 

  • To help identify community needs and aspirations  

  • When the community has raised or expressed an interest 

  • When the community could be impacted by a project, initiative, service or decision 

  • When required by law, policy or agreement


Download the 2016-2019 Community Engagement Plan


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