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Breathe Easy at Home

Learn more about our award-winning program.

What is the Breathe Easy at Home Program?
The Breathe Easy at Home (BEAH) program is a web-based referral system that lets doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals refer Boston residents with asthma for a home inspection conducted by the Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD).  Since 2005, ISD inspectors have helped thousands of Boston residents with asthma by working with property owners to address poor housing conditions that affect asthma and are violations of the Massachusetts Sanitary Code, including:
  • ​M​old and chronic dampness
  • Water leaks
  • Cockroach and mice infestations
  • Drafty doors and windows
  • ​No heat
  • ​​Poor ventilation
  • Damaged carpeting​
Addressing these conditions in the home is important because most people spend more time at home than anywhere else, especially, children, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions.  BEAH inspections are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, French, and Vietnamese.

One parent’s experience with Breathe Easy at Home

Mary White, mother of asthmatic children, shares her experience with the Breathe Easy at Home program.

What happens during a BEAH visit?

During a home inspection, ISD inspectors identify asthma triggers in the home that are violations of the Massachusetts Sanitary Code.  ISD inspectors enforce the state sanitary code for housing in Boston and will work with property owners to address these poor conditions.  Learn more:​


​Learn about how the Breathe Easy at Home program screens homes for asthma triggers.

Are you a patient interested in a BEAH visit?

Learn about the BEAH process, including how BEAH inspections are scheduled, how violations will be addressed,  how you and your doctor will be notified, and more:


Learn more about the Breathe Easy at Home process.

How can I get a BEAH inspection?

​"I think the program's a great success... I get phone call months down the line saying you know 'my child hasn't been in the emergency room since you've been out here, thank you so much.'"

                                  -    Boston ISD Inspector

​"The greatest strengths of the program are when the inspector just finally goes out and ...changes are happening within the apartment.  That's what we all wait for and that's the beauty of the program just to say the family said, oh yeah, they came.  They fixed this, they fixed that and thank you for letting me know that this program existed, because a lot of the families don't even know that the program does exist."

                                   -    ​Healthcare Provider

Patients: Ask your doctor or healthcare provider to make a referral to the program.

Providers:  To make a referral for a home visit for a Boston resident with asthma, please click here.
Please note: patient must rent AND reside within the city of Boston.​

Learn more about BEAH

BEAH is a nationally-recognized, award-winning program.  Learn more by visiting our Awards & Publications​ page.


Other housing issues affecting asthma

Not all housing issues that make asthma worse are the responsibility of the landlord.  The Boston Asthma Home Visit Program can help Boston residents better manage conditions in the home that trigger asthma symptoms.   For more information, visit: Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative.

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