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Recognition and Press

Boston Globe

The Safe Shops Project has expanded its scope and model to reach out to other businesses that have occupational and environmental risks. Click here to read the Boston Globe article about how Safe Shops will be applied to nail salons in Boston

Journal of Environmental Health
The Safe Shops Project was featured in the July / August 2007 issue of the Journal of Environmental Health. Click here to read "The Boston Safe Shops Project-Preliminary Findings of a Case Study in Applying the 10 Essential Services of Public Health to Building Environmental Health Capacity".

Damage Report Magazine​
As a result of the Safe Shop Tool Box press release, the Damage Report featured the program in its December 2005 issue. You can read it here.

Safe Shops Auto Shop Training Videos
The Safe Shops Program produced a three-part video to help workers better understand best practices to protect the health and safety of auto shop workers. Click the links to learn more about:

Safe Shops Nail Salon Training Video
The Safe Shops Program worked with VietAID to produce a video to help workers better understand how to protect themselves from chemical exposure in their workplace. You can view the video here.

Brandeis University's Black Hair Salon Study​
Click here to learn more about Brandeis University's Black Hair Salon Study. Brandeis University students conducted this study to explore workplace chemical exposures in salons serving Black women. Along  with other partners, BPHC helped Brandeis students to understand their findings and identify recommendations to salon workers.

BPHC Blog Post on Brandeis University's Black Hair Salon Study
Curious about what Brandeis University students learned in their Black Hair Salon Study? Click here to find out.

BPHC Blog Post on the Green & Clean Program
Why does the Green & Clean Program exist? The Safe Shops Program answered this question on BPHC's blog!

BPHC Blog Post on Why You Should Choose a Green & Clean Auto Shop
Looking for an auto body or repair shop? Look no further than a Green & Clean shop. Click here to learn why you should choose Green & Clean for your car.

BPHC Blog Post on Why You Should Choose a Green & Clean Nail Salon
Looking to treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure? Click here to learn why you should choose a Green & Clean nail salon!

If you have questions about BPHC's Safe Shops P​rogram or Green & Clean Program, call 617-534-5965.

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