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Cancer Prevention and Control

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Boston. The Chronic Disease Prevention and Control division is committed to addressing inequities in cancer outcomes for Boston residents. The four main cancers we focus on are: breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer. 

In 2018, the BPHC released its first cancer surveillance report, The Health of Boston Special Report: Cancer Among City of Boston Residents 1999-2013.  The Report explores how cancer impacts Boston residents, whether certain groups are affected more than others, and the role of public health in helping to prevent cancer and improve outcomes for people that get cancer. See the Health of Boston Special Report: Cancer Among City of Boston Residents 1999-2013 here.

​Pink and Black Education Support Network
​Cancer Ride Program 
Boston Breast Cancer Equity Coalition
​Learn how a community group of Black breast cancer survivors continues to support and advocate for women in Boston
​Qualifying residents can take advantage of transportation resources to and from cancer treatment and related appointments 
Keep up with the Boston Breast 
Cancer Equity Coalition (BBCEC) and their efforts to combat inequity in treatment for Black women

Additional Resources and Our Partners 
Massachusetts Prostate Cancer Coalition educates, connects, and supports men-at-risk, newly diagnosed individuals, survivors, and their families.

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America works to improve survivorship and toward a cure for lung cancer

Prostate Health Education Network works to eliminate the African American prostate cancer disparity

The National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable is dedicated to reducing the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer 

Pink and Black Education and Support Network
In 2005, a group of Black female breast cancer survivors partnered with the Boston Public Health Commission to form the Pink and Black Ambassadors, successfully raising awareness about breast cancer and increasing breast cancer screening among Black women in the City of Boston for many years.  In 2017, the Pink and Black Education and Support Network was established to continue the work of the original Ambassadors.  They make female breast cancer survivors aware of local resources that improve quality of life, and they support activities across the City that serve other survivors.  Membership and involvement in the Pink and Black Education and Support Network is open to all that are newly diagnosed with breast cancer or are survivors of breast cancer.  

Pink and Black Campaign 
Coils to Locs
Click to find more resources about the campaign, the women behind, and how to support them
Connect with this local organization that provides medical wigs for women of color in Boston

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