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Community Engagement

What is Equitable Community Engagement?   

The practice of using multiple strategies to provide opportunities for all [Boston] residents – particularly those historically excluded, under-represented, under-resourced – to be informed and to participate in public planning and decision-making to achieve an equitable outcome.   

What is BPHC doing to engage residents and other stakeholders?  

To engage residents and other stakeholders in planning and decision-making opportunities, BPHC includes the racial justice and health equity principles outlined in its Equitable Community Engagement Plan.  Download the BPHC Equitable Community Engagement Plan 2020-2023

What is BPHC’s Policy on Equitable Community Engagement? 

BPHC Programs, Service Centers and contractors and consultants will engage residents and other stakeholders:  

  • To inform 

  • To gather information 

  • To help identify community needs and aspirations  

  • When the community has raised or expressed an interest 

  • When the community could be impacted by a project, initiative, service or decision 

  • When required by law, policy or agreement


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